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Production Photos

A big thank you to Robert Strup for taking all our photos.  Photos can now be viewed on Robert’s website  and will be available to purchase. 



50th Reunion

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Princess Tiana and the Fallen Tiara

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess dressed in red and black with ladybird spots.  She was in her room on her bed; suddenly she heard a band of birds tweeting.  They were making such beautiful music that she went to see where they were, but before she could reach the window she slipped.  She hit her head on drawers and knocked her tiara into the water out of her window.  Princess Tiana was so upset that she turned dark blue.  So she sneaked out of the place she was stuck in.  Feeling relieved she went into the village.  There she met a kind man that lived in the village.  The man's name was Peter.  Princess Tiana said "hello Peter, my name is Tiana.  Can you help me find my tiara?"

Peter said "I don't know where your crown is but I know a friend that can see everything."  Tiana followed Peter to Winni, the soucier.  She showed them where Tiana's crown fell.  When she finished Peter said "don't worry I can fish it out," and he did.  After that she said goodbye to her friend and went how for supper.

By Fiona Teng   (Room15 – Year 2)

How do spiders make silk?

Inside her abdomen she has soup. When the soup hits the air it turns into web.

Inside she has glands. When she wants to make a web the bumps squirt the soup out her abdomen and when it touches the air it hardens.

By Maddy Bayley

Room 17