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The PTA is a small group of parents whose aim each year is to enhance our childrens learning & school environment. We do this by fundraising to help the school purchase items they otherwise would not have funds for e.g.  Interactive Whiteboards, Sports Equipment, Sports Uniforms, Playground Improvements, ‘Enviro School’ Initiatives etc.

We hold some fun non-fundraising events throughout the year also e.g. Discos, Year 5 & 6 ‘Big Day Out’ Sausage Sizzle, Year 6 ‘Farewell’ Lunch & Road Warden ‘Goodie’ Bags.

We welcome new members at any stage throughout the year. So if you would like to help on any of these fun events or fundraisers feel free to come along to one of our monthly meetings held on a Monday night from 7.30pm to aprox 8.30pm in the staffroom. Dates are in school newsletters.

Thankyou for supporting our school.

Glenview School PTA

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