Glenview School

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Our Facilities

We are very proud of the facilities offered at Glenview School.


Our modern library complex provides plenty of space and resources for more than one class at a time. Children are able to read quietly in the snug, make use of the Listening Post, search and locate information on reference computers and browse the extensive variety of texts. Its is the hub of our Information Landscape.


We have PC's in the classroom and mobile laptops available.

Adventure Playgrounds

Within the attractive, well-appointed school grounds are our two adventure playgrounds, one for the younger children and one for the older.

School Hall

The school hall provides an excellent space for assemblies, sport's practices, Jump Jam and other class and school events. Adjoined to the hall is a spacious kitchen, music room and extra working space.


Attractive Grounds

Thanks to the hard work of our caretaker the school grounds always look immaculate.