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2017 School Year

The office will be open for enrolments from 25 January 9:00am - 3:00pm
Students commence on Tuesday  31 January 2017
Stationery purchases for 2017:
 Your child/ren will be bringing home a form on Friday, which will show the cost of next year's stationery.  We will be selling stationery in class packs again next year. 
   Stationery can be paid for at anytime prior to school starting next year.   You can do this in person at the office, or online to bank account number 12 3152 0019636 00. (Please do not pay camp fees to this account as there is a different account for camp payments).  
 If you have pre-paid for stationery, you will still need to return the stationery slip to the office and circle "internet banking" as the payment method.  Your child's stationery will then be given to them during the first week of school.  School donations ($60 per child, or $110 per family) can also be paid to the above account at any time.  You will need to use your child's name and group name as a reference.
The office will be open for stationery sales from 9:00am until 3: 00pm on
Thursday 26 January and Fri 27 January 2017
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